Newton Labs Open press die area
The press die area before the PDVS arm and mirrors are deployed.
Vision system arm extended
The PDVS arm extends within the press and the mirror (center) rotates to reflect an image of the top and bottom dies to a second mirror in the "elbow" of the arm and up to the overhead camera.
Newton Labs Press Die Vision System electronic control unit
A Newton Labs Model 9800 controls the vision system, transport mechanism and User Interface.

Press Die Vision System Prevents Error Coins

The Press Die Vision System (PDVS), developed and manufactured by Newton Labs, combines robotic mechanism with optics, custom software and machine vision technology to detect and prevent the production of error coins known as "mule coins".

Working in collaboration with the United States Mint at San Francisco and the press manufacturer, the PDVS was designed to prevent the press from operating if an incorrect die pair were present, or if the correct die pair were not properly installed and aligned. This quality control mechanism gives press operators a guarantee that the production of mule coins from mismatched or misaligned dies will not occur.

Uniquely Designed

The PDVS is an important addition to mint operations because mule coins, even if caught before release, are considered a serious error and lead to downtime in press operations. The PDVS is uniquely designed to automatically prevent the production of an error, not simply to detect post-production deformities.

Newton Labs Press Die Vision System
The PDVS installed on a press at the U.S. Mint. Place your cursor on the photo to see highlighted elements of the Newton vision system.

Features of the PDVS:

  • The PDVS is able to visually inspect dies despite the small, 2 in. (51 mm) clearance between the upper and lower die tooling.
  • The mechanisms and electronics are ruggedly built and can withstand the rigors of press operation
  • The PDVS is in effect a periscope: the high resolution camera remains firmly attached at the top of the arch and it is the motorized unit with the rotating mirrors that descend and enter the die area.
  • Before and after the inspection cycle the PDVS stows itself up and away from the die area enabling operators to have full access to the press
  • Newton developed software is designed for integration with the Press PLC
  • A PDVS can be designed to work with all the leading press manufacturers
cover of Coin World magazine
CLICK HERE TO READ about the deployment of the Press Die Vision System at the San Francisco Mint in the June 11, 2012 edition of Coin World magazine.
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