Newton Labs Newton Labs NM200UW in a BWR annulus
A NM200UW deployed within the beltline area of the jet pump of a BWR. Image distortion in the photo is due to high radiation.**
Scanned bolt and CAD file
Top - An underwater scan of a bolt assembly
Bottom - Same bolt as a fully-measurable CAD file
Scanning of a weld bead
Reactor piping weld crowns can be measured at any contact point**
Newton Labs
**These photographs are the property of Westinghouse Electric Company LLC. Used with permission.
Newton Labs

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NM200UW Nuclear Underwater Laser Scanner

Developed Specifically for the Nuclear Power Industry

The NM200UW nuclear underwater laser scanner is a landmark technology manufactured by Newton Labs . This new tool, developed by Newton in partnership with a major U.S. nuclear utility, solves a problem that has vexed reactor operators for many years: how do you precisely measure underwater the internals of a PWR or BWR?

The NM200UW system combines rugged, industrial-grade hardware and electronics with sophisticated, Newton-developed software that compensates for the disruption of turbulence, heat and radioactivity characteristic of the in-vessel environment.

The scanner has a demonstrated accuracy of 0.005" (0.127mm) or better, and is designed to work in concert with industry standard, three-dimensional software, producing a point cloud output so dense and detailed that a fully measurable CAD model can be generated.

The capability of the NM200UW to provide precise, reliable and efficient dimensioning of as-built features, as well as to track cycle-to-cycle degradation, is important to nuclear utility operators, who until now have relied heavily on less-accurate traditional measurement techniques such as video scaling, or local area measurements performed with a ruler attached to a handling pole.

NM200UW control console, measuring head and cable
The NM200UW Nuclear Underwater Laser Scanning System


  • The NM200UW mapping head encloses a high-resolution video camera and a high-intensity LED ring array
  • The console unit contains the camera control unit, a rack-mounted PC, flat panel screen and keyboard
  • Newton Labs underwater scanning software
  • Components are housed in two, high impact airline-transportable luggage cases
  • Directional and speed controls for the optional PT200UW Pan-Tilt Arm come pre-installed in NM200UW consoles.
  • The power/data umbilical cable is gel-filled gel-filled with LLDPE polyurethane jacket and a rated yield point of 80 lb/ft (11 Kg/M) with a standard length of 150 ft. (46 m); lengths up to 300 ft. (91 m) may be special ordered.


NM200UW Deployment

The January-February 2012 edition of the Nuclear Plant Journal published a detailed article about the NM200UW capturing precise measurements in a difficult BWR location within a short period. Read the article HERE.

Nuclear Plant Journal magazine


Newton Labs NM200UW underwater

Construction and Materials

- The 8 lb. (4 kg) mapping head is 6061T6 aluminum hard-anodized

- All fasteners and connectors are 316 Stainless Steel

- Windows are made of high-strength fused silica

- O-rings and gaskets are Buna-N rubber and the cable jacket is LLDPE polyurethane

- The scanning head is designed and built to tolerate radiation and has performed well in the presence of Gamma radiation levels of 5kR

- The head is configured with alternate mounting points on most faces and is waterproof to a depth of 150 ft. (46 m)



Hardware Details

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NM200UW system elements


Award Plaque

This technology enabled Exelon Nuclear to win the Nuclear Energy Institute's 2012 Top Industry Practice (TIP) Award in the Materials and Services Category for "Laser Scanning Within a BWR Vessel."