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Nuclear power stations contain numerous water storage tanks ranging from 35 ft. to 50 ft. in diameter and as much as 50 ft. deep.
storage tank
Refueling water storage tanks (RWST) contains borated water to flood the refueling cavity during refueling as well as supply water to the emergency core cooling system.
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Read the detailed article about the deployment of an Inspector at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station in the April 2015 edition of Nuclear Engineering International magazine. CLICK HERE.

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 Underwater Robot Precisely Maps Water Storage Tank Floor Defects

The Inspector is a semi-autonomous, underwater robotic platform designed to deploy a variety of advanced, nondestructive evaluation (NDE) sensors to over 90% of a flat-bottom water storage tank of the type used at nuclear power plants, and to map the position of any indications with an accuracy of 1/8th inch (3 mm).

Surveying Nuclear Plant Storage Tank Integrity
Storage tanks at nuclear power plants are constructed of aluminum, stainless steel or carbon steel, and all have naturally occurring electro-chemical processes that can eventually deteriorate the metal, resulting in leaks. Defects that develop on the underside of tank floors are particularly difficult to detect and measure.

The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) has recommended that all nuclear plant storage tanks undergo periodic inspection. Non-destructive evaluation (NDE) methods, such as eddy current and ultrasonic phased array are the most suitable technologies to inspect tank floor bottom plates. Using this equipment has meant taking a tank out of service by draining and ventilating it so that humans in protective clothing can enter and conduct the survey.

The Inspector Solves an Industry Problem
Inspector in-tank underwater robots perform NDE tank floor surveys without the necessity of draining or removing a tank from service:

  • Inspector robots survey and map the condition of individual tank floor plates.
  • Mounting options for NDE probes includes a indexable, twin-arm module.
  • The navigation system can map and store the location of defects and later return
    and place a sensor at the location of a defect with an accuracy of 1/8 inch (3 mm).
  • Inspector robots can be deployed through a 19 inch-wide (48 cm) tank top hatch.
  • Versions of the Inspector Robot are avaialble for Diesel, Petrochemical and other fluids.
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 Partners in NEI 09-14 Inspections
 Tank survey and mapping services with Inspector robots are available through
 a partnership between Framatome (formerly AREVA) and Newton Labs.
 Framatome is an industry leader in providing fully automated phased array ultrasonic
 systems and equipment to perform in-service and/or pre-service examinations.

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