Newton Labs QuadCam system
Each QuadCam imager (right) monitors 80 sq. ft. Each controller (left) can manage up to 10 imager units.

Intelligent System

- QuadCam rapidly detects a person or persons entering the detection zones using sophisticated 3D imaging software.
- It distinguishes between one, two or more persons, providing real-time tracking of people within its field of view.
- QuadCam ignores background objects, concentrating solely on people or unwanted objects detected within its field of view.

QuadCam 3D Zone Monitoring System

The QuadCam is a human-sensing control system based on 3D machine vision technology to monitor a precisely defined volume of space for incursions. The sharply defined detection zone consists of a perimeter region and an inner core area. When the defined 3D area is entered, the QuadCam system sends a signal which can be used to activate a variety of devices.

User Defined Zones

The QuadCam system, developed and manufactured by Newton Labs, is composed of a ceiling-mounted, four-camera imager connected to a control unit. Each imager is capable of monitoring up to an 8 ft. by 10 ft. (2.4 m by 3 m) zone. The zone is user defined; simply draw the zones with the PC user interface, regardless of shape. Up to 10 imagers may be connected to a single controller, enabling the monitoring of 10 separate areas or the imagers may be synchronized to monitor a single large area. QuadCam features a lightning-fast reaction time, sending a signal within 100 milliseconds of an incursion.

Highly Adaptive

As a zone-based sensing and monitoring system, QuadCam is highly adaptive. It may, for example, be linked to a warning and alarm system in order to establish barrier-free, narrow area security in a retail setting, art gallery or museum. In an industrial setting, QuadCam can be linked to machinery in barrier-free work cells to create a precisely defined safety zone with a warning alarm region and a machine shut down region.

The QuadCam area monitoring and sensing capability can also be used to activate systems such as in expositions, displays, environmental controls or machinery. Conversely, QuadCam prevents machinery from restarting prematurely if it detects that a person is within the safety exclusion zone.

Newton Labs
Newton Labs Art Gallery picture
QuadCam can linked to a warning and alarm system to establish a narrow, barrier-free security area for mounted or free-standing objects in commercial or cultural areas.
Newton Labs QuadCam in an industrial setting
QuadCam enables you to easily create safety zones around any machinery, regardless of its shape.