Newton Labs

Contact Information

Newton Research Labs, Inc.
441 SW 41st Street
Renton, WA 98057 USA

Tel: 425-251-9600
Fax: 425-251-8900


From Seattle-Tacoma International Airport:
- Drive 1.5 miles north on Airport Expressway and take the right lane ramp onto eastbound Highway 518.
- Move to the left lane of Highway 518 and in approximately 1 mile; take the left-hand exit for highway I-405 Renton-Bellevue.
- Follow I-405 due east 2 miles to the interchange with Highway 167 and take the first exit ramp for Kent-Auburn onto southbound Highway 167.
- Drive south on Highway 167 for 1.75 miles and take the first exit onto SW 41st Street.
- Continue west on SW 41st to the second stoplight (across from Ikea) and turn left onto Lind Ave. SW.
- Drive south on Lind Ave. SW for 300 feet and turn left into the first driveway. Newton Labs is the first building on the left.


About Newton Labs

Newton Labs is a privately held developer and manufacturer of machine vision and robotic systems serving a wide range of industries including: aerospace, automotive, bottling, electronics, medical, packaging, and nuclear, among many others.

Established in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1990 as an offshoot of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and moved to Seattle in 1995, the company has for more than 18 years developed and marketed high performance, computer-driven automation for industrial processes. Newton products are designed to allow the quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness of computer technology to replace the human element in virtually every industry.

Newton engineers and staff design and code all of their own machine vision and robotics software, as well as operate their fully-equipped machine shop and vision lab. They design, manufacture, or modify virtually all of their own hardware, including controllers, cameras, lighting, electronics, machine control and mechanicals.

Newton Labs has deployed more than 20,000 machine vision, robotic and automation systems worldwide. Many of Newton's projects are the first-of-their-kind.

Newton is the worlds largest manufacturer and supplier of Underwater Laser Scanners.

The Early Years

In the mid-1990s, before the advent of their larger industrial projects, the four initial Newton founders pursued the dual markets of academic robotic researchers and robotic hobbyists. In order to establish a presence in those areas, the Newton team followed the lead of other manufactures and technical firms and entered the field of competitive sports; in this case, robotic soccer.

Advanced Newton technology enabled their creations to sweep the field in several national and international robotic competitions. As planned, they began receiving growing requests for information and orders of their software and robotic system products. This led to the launch of the earliest version of the Newton Labs website which showcased their competitive successes, academic publications and product lines. As a gauge of how far we have come, we have retained most of that original Newton academic website, which may be toured HERE.

Newton Labs Newton Labs is just south of Seattle
The offices and manufacturing facilities of Newton Labs are located minutes south of Seattle, Washington.
Newton Labs
The Newton Labs award-winning robot soccer team from the early years, Force, Mass and Acceleration, were agile and compact competitors. The two quarters in the foreground provide a scale for their size.