Newton Labs Surveyor inspection robot
The Surveyor Robot can be fitted with standard wheels, tracks or Mecanum wheels which enable omni-directional movements. In addition the Surveyor can be equiped with propeller pods to enable full swimming functionality
Newton Labs Surveyor using magnetic traction
Surveyors feature configurable magnets on the underside, enabling them to scale metal surfaces in air or under water including vertical or even upside down.
Newton Labs A Surveyor on a TV monitor screen
This is a monitor screen shot of a Surveyor under water in the BWR torus of a nuclear power station.
Newton Labs

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Surveyor Amphibious Surface Inspection and Load Delivery Robot

Laser & video scanning of surfaces in multiple environments

Heavy Duty Load Delivery Capability

Surveyor robot under water
The waterproof Surveyor can be controlled by cable, by radio (in air), or by Autonomous on-board pre-programming..

The Surveyor, designed and manufactured by Newton Labs, is an amphibious, wireless, wheeled inspection robot specifically developed for scanning surfaces underwater and deliverying loads, as well as providing similar and expanded functionality on land.

The outstanding capabilities of the Surveyor series include:

  • Downward looking 3D laser scanner
  • 270 peripheral video image capture
  • A laser range finder for obstacle avoidance
  • Flat top for Load mounting
  • Heavy Load carrying capability
  • Can be equipped with propeller pods for full swimming ability
  • On board data logging
  • Wireless communications (in air)
  • Standard wheels, tracks or Mecanum wheels
  • A magnetic traction system to allow navigation in any orientation (including inverted when underwater on steel surfaces)

Deployment Example

The Surveyor design has proven to be a capable multipurpose platform and may be modified to achieve specific tasks both above and below the water.
For example: a Surveyor was successfully deployed to survey several bays in the torus of a boiling water reactor (BWR) at the Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station near Delta, PA. The Surveyor returned 3D data and images that exceeded the customers' expectations and provided valuable insight into the condition of the zinc lining of the torus, as well as the underlying steel structure. Data revealed the integrity of the coatings as well as any debris, corrosion products, past repairs, and any unexpected features that could have affected planned work during the next cycle.

Surveyor Options

Specialized sensors, environmental mapping and robotic arms are some of the options that are available upon request.

Newton Labs
Newton Labs

Technology Applied:

Non-Contact Gauging

Surveyor scan results
Surveyor scan results: laser data on the right and matching video data on the left.