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Pattern Matching Benefits:

  • High-speed identification of items.
  • Automated learning of data, with database correlation and later recognition.
  • Minimal knowledge required for an operator to train a Newton system on new data for recognition & classification.
  • Part rejection and behavior of the system is based on match failures or other match quality metrics.


Machine Vision Pattern Matching Technology

Newton software identifies nuclear core elements
In a nuclear reactor,Newton-developed mapping software has identified the core edge baffles (green lines) and the s-holes on individual fuel assemblies (magenta circles).

Ranging from high-speed basic pattern matching, to complex automatic feature detection and correlation, Newton Labs has implemented pattern matching as part of numerous machine vision solutions. On a fundamental level, pattern matching is correlating a previously trained image or pattern to a live data sample acquired via imager.

Extended Capabilities

Newton has extended these basic ideas to also leverage automatic feature detection that allows for flexibility in rotation and scaling of a potential match. Newton systems use these techniques to match objects with dynamic shapes, such as a key ring or a flexible-tethered tool, by reliably identifying specific sub-features such as hole diameters and linear proportions.

Newton Labs