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The Benefits of
Non-Contact Gauging:

  • No part deformation due to contact with physical measuring devices.
  • Reduces the need to have an operator constantly overseeing a production system.
  • Continuous measurement of parts (e.g. extrusions) is allowed, which can detect long-term trends.
  • Faster inspection allows for all production parts to be measured, rather than only periodic spot checks (for high-volume systems.)
  • Deeper integration into production systems allow for automatic behaviors (such as shut-down) within a strictly-defined set of parameters.


Non-Contact Gauging Technology

laser profiling

Non-contact gauging involves performing highly accurate measurements using machine vision, while maintaining a minimum stand-off distance between the measurement system and the product. It replaces error-prone procedures such as using calipers, test shims, or template gauges to manually check the physical dimensions of an item.

Simplified Measurement

As an added benefit, non-contact gauging retains (or improves upon) accuracy of these techniques, while eliminating the complications that arise from physical contact. In conjunction with area scan cameras, Newton has developed custom engineered illumination, as well as laser profiling and structured lighting, to perform highly accurate and rapid gauging of a variety of products.

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