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Foreign Materials Exclusion (FME) Console

The FME Console is a highly-mobile, self-contained automated machine vision inventory system designed to automate and expedite proper FME (Foreign Material Exclusion) practices by identifying and tracking items entering and leaving an FME area.

The purpose of FME control is to maintain the cleanliness and safety of open systems by preventing the uncontrolled introduction of foreign material or components.
FME Console technology is a valued addition to the many places where it is critical to keep accurate track of equipment, tools, instruments and materials.

FME Console

FME Console Subsystems

ID Card Recognition Capabilities:

  • Reading a worker's image
  • Corresponding ID barcode
  • First and Last Name using optical character recognition
  • Storage of this information to a database, accessible to other networked FME Cart units
  • Worker ID information is cross-correlated

Tabletop Object Recognition:

  • The robust, state-of- the-art object recognition software will work on anything that can fit on the illuminated tabletop.
  • Even items such as keys, Allen key sets, tethered items with variable shapes will be correctly identified and tracked .

Network Communication:

  • The FME Console system is able to be deployed with a single master unit, with optional networked units to cover multiple entry and exit points
  • An FME Area with multiple entrances and exits can keep track of items that enter and exit through different portals.
Newton Labs
Newton Labs

Technology Applied:

Pattern Matching

Newton Labs

The main features include:

  • ID card reader
  • Durable illuminated tabletop
  • Machine vision imaging head
  • FME Monitor User Interface for machine operation and verification

Easy to deploy, simple
to operate

For workers entering FME Area:

  • Worker scans ID Card
  • Worker simply places individual items to "check in" on the illuminated table top
  • Items are imaged, associated with the User ID and logged into a database
  • Large items are scanned with an RFID tag reader
  • Worker cleared to enter FME Area

Workers Exiting FME Area:

  • Worker scans ID Card
  • Worker places items to "check out" on the illuminated table top, or large items scanned with the RFID reader
  • Items are recognized, cross-checked against what the user (or other users) have previously checked in, and verified as removed from the FME Area
  • Worker cleared to exit FME Area