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NUMAC 100 Radiation Area Access Controller

The number of nuclear power plants, military installations, medical centers and research labs with high radiation areas (HRA's) is increasing steadily. Access control to these locations is extremely important and has both security and safety implications. Traditionally, security guards are employed to monitor entrance and egress, but this is expensive and an inefficient use of human resources.

The NUMAC 100, designed and manufactured by Newton Labs, is a compact, door access control system based on machine vision technology that verifies if a worker or staff member has the proper dosimeter and authorization to enter a radiological controlled area.

The NUMAC 100 system is a fully self-contained unit designed to be wall mounted adjacent to a controlled entry HRA portal. The system utilizes 3D machine vision to detect and confirm that the appropriate radiation monitoring devices are worn in the proper position and that the required identification data has been entered by the individual seeking entrance to the HRA. The NUMAC system will only unlock the entrance to that HRA if all correct criteria have been met.

The NUMAC system collects data on all accesses to a HRA, including :

  • Time
  • Date
  • Job Number
  • Employee Badge Number

The NUMAC system is specifically designed to be upgraded in the future to include:

  • Detection of tailgating/piggybacking
  • Authority verification by worker task
  • Counting of the number of entry/exits
  • Maintaining a count of the number of personnel inside the HRA
  • Interfacing with customer-owned badge readers and dose card barcodes
Newton Labs
Newton Labs
Rendering of a NUMAC 100
NUMAC 100 access control unit

NUMAC 100 System Hardware

The integrated NUMAC system consists of:

  • Rugged industrial enclosure
  • Multiple camera systems with 3D technology
  • Industrial touch screen with keypad
  • External output for door lock control
  • Hinged locking front enclosure door
  • 24 volt DC internal power supply
  • 110 AC to 24 volt DC power supply
  • All necessary ports for future upgrades
  • High performance internal computer