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Recent News Releases by Newton Labs

Newton and Framatome (Areva) inspect 3rd Tank at Palo Verde

Chevron/SubSea 7/Ashtead Utilize Newton Subsea Scanners

Newton Celebrates 60 US PWR Core Mappings

Extreme Accuracy at Depth

Dual Usage Scanners

Newton introduces the new PL3200UW ultra light fixed line laser scanner

Newton introduces the new PL4000UW fixed line laser scanner

Newton and AREVA add VT-1 Inspection to the Inspector Robot

Newton partners with AREVA for Underwater Tank Inspection and Repair

Newton demonstrates Subsea Laser Scanners in Houston

Worldwide to represent Newton Nuclear products in China

J. Bornhoeft to represent Newton in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

C.A. Richards to represent Newton in the Gulf Coast

Off Outage Underwater Tank Inspection

Newton introduces new Subsea Laser Scanners

Air/Underwater Angle and Distance Measurement Scanner

Newton NM200UW Nuclear Underwater Laser Scanner accurately measures Steam Dryer Brackets

Newton Inspector Underwater Tank Robot successfully inspects a nuclear water tank

M210UW Underwater Laser Scanner Captures Construction Site Evidence in Germany

Innovative In-Tank Inspector Robot Displayed at EPRI Buried Pipe Integrity Group Meeting

In-Tank Robot Deployment by Newton Labs at Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station Featured in Power Magazine

Major U.S. Nuclear Plant Launches NEI 09-14 Compliance With Highly Accurate Robotic Condensate Tank Inspection

Inspector Robot Successfully Surveys Nuclear Plant Water Tank per Requirements of NEI 09-14

Demonstration of Robotic In-Service Water Storage Tank Survey and Detection System Scheduled for September 17, 2014

IHI Southwest Technologies and Newton Labs Partner to Offer Robotic In-Service Tank Inspections to Satisfy NEI 09-14 Requirements

NM200E Core Verification System Wins NEI TIP Award by Mapping Nuclear Fuel Assemblies in Approximately One Hour, Helping Keep the Critical Path Short

Scheduling of In-Vessel As-Built Measurements by Underwater Laser Scanner At Outages Gains Wider Acceptance From Nuclear Operators

Fast, Accurate Smooth and Routine, Core Verification of Byron Unit 2 is Completed in Only 38 Minutes at End of April's Outage

Le Nuclear Energy Institute (institut d'énergie nucléaire américain) attrbue à Exelon une récompense pour « haute pratique industrielle » pour le déploiement d'un système de mesure d'alignement de carburant nucléaire par Newton Labs

Exelon gagne une récompense pour « haute pratique industrielle » par Le Nuclear Energy Institute (institut d'énergie nucléaire américain) pour l'utilisation innovante d'un scanner à laser sous-marin pour application nucléaire de Newton Labs.

Exelon Wins A "Top Industry Practice" Award From The Nuclear Energy Institute With Innovative Use Of A Nuclear Underwater Laser Scanner By Newton Labs

Exelon-Westinghouse Team Wins Top Industry Practice Award for First-of-a-Kind Jet Pump Weld Measurement Using Underwater Laser Scanner by Newton Labs (PDF)

Westinghouse and Newton Labs Announce Agreement to Provide Underwater 3D Measurement and Modeling Technology for Worldwide Nuclear Power Applications

Machine Vision Technology - Newton NM200UW Scans Critical Jet Pump Riser Weld at Quad Cities BWR - an article by the nuclear plant journal January/February 2012 (PDF)

Highly Accurate Nuclear Fuel Assembly Mapping System by Newton Labs to Eclipse Legacy Video Micrometer Measuring Process at Exelon Facilities

Westinghouse Engineers Deploy Newton NM200UW Nuclear Underwater Laser Scanner to Obtain Precise In-vessel Survey and Measurements

Nuclear Underwater Laser Scanner Delivers Precise In-Vessel Measurements

Newton Labs Announces the Successful Deployment of its NM200E Fuel Assembly Dimensioning and Mapping System at Exelon Corporation's Byron Station