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This technology enabled Exelon Nuclear to win the Nuclear Energy Institute's 2012 Top Industry Practice (TIP) Award in the Maintenance Category

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Comparison to Video Micrometer Procedure

The NM200E offers measurable advantages over legacy processes (such as video micrometers) in both accuracy and mapping time.

Typical video micrometer field of view
A typical video micrometer core view

The video micrometer method only gauges the relative nozzle gap variations; an operator is only able to assume the positions of s-holes or other critical features.

The accuracy of a video micrometer scan is highly dependent on operator experience and camera orientation.
In comparison, the NM200E system automatically and consistently assures accuracy and mapping head orientation.

NM200E field of view
The NM200E has a greater field of vision, resulting in faster mapping

The video micrometer effective field of vision is only one-and-a-half fuel nozzles wide. This results in substantially longer mapping time.
The NM200E registers an area of 3x4 nozzles at a time and can completely map a core in two hours or less.
Learn how the mapping is done HERE.

NM200E Reactor Core Verification System

A revolutionary nuclear fuel mapping system

The NM200E Core Verification System, manufactured by Newton Labs, produces a precise global map of PWR fuel assemblies, including any degree of misalignment or top nozzle rotation and compares them with the ideal positions established by plant engineers.
NM200Esoftware determines the positions of Westinghouse and AREVA PWR fuel assemblies, based in part upon s-hole positions, and it is also able to map the more symmetrical Babcock and Wilcox nozzles.
The NM200E system, developed by Newton in partnership with a major U.S. nuclear utility, is able to be deployed, map a core completely and be recovered within a two hour time period, or less. According to sources from the Nuclear Energy Institute, the NM200E core verification process increases reactor safety and saves at least $65,000 per refueling outage.

The NM200E Core Verification System
The NM200E Core Verification System



The NM200E system combines rugged, industrial-grade hardware and electronics into a design that can both tolerate radiation exposure and handle the rigors of deployment during reactor outages.

  • The NM200E mapping head encloses a high-resolution video camera and a high-intensity LED ring array
  • The console unit is shock-mounted in a metal electronics cabinet within a molded, high-impact airline-transportable case
  • The console unit contains the camera control unit, a rack-mounted PC, flat panel screen and keyboard
  • The communications cable is a standard length of 150 ft. (46 m); lengths up to 300 ft. (91 m) may be special ordered
  • Newton Labs core mapping software and utility application software
  • Components are housed in two, high impact airline-transportable luggage cases

Deployment & Mapping

Click HERE to learn about the preparations for and
process of fuel assembly mapping with the NM200E.

Newton Labs

Construction and Materials

- The 9 lb. (4 kg) mapping head is 6061T6 aluminum hard-anodized

- All fasteners and connectors are 316 Stainless Steel

- Windows are made of high-strength fused silica

- O-rings and gaskets are Buna-N rubber and the cable jacket is LLDPE polyurethane

- The mapping head is designed and built to tolerate radiation and has performed well in the presence of Gamma radiation levels of 5kR

- The head is configured with alternate mounting points on most faces and is waterproof to a depth of 150 ft. (46 m)


Hardware Details

Learn more about the
NM200E system elements

Click HERE to view the data sheet for the NM200E.

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Newton Labs Nuclear Plant Journal - Feb. 2013

NM200E Industry Article

The January-February 2013 edition of the Nuclear Plant Journal published a detailed article about the development, deployment and performance of the NM200E.
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