Specifications for the M210UW Dual Usage Laser Scanner: Cable to the surface or ROV/AUV mounted; Internal scanning or IMU data

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Technical Specifications
Measurement Head
Height 4.250 in. (107,950 mm)
Width 4.625 in. (117,475 mm)
Length 9.375 in. (238,125 mm)
Weight (in air) 8 lbs. (3.6 kg)
Weight (in water) 2 lbs. (1 k) (plus cable weight)
Construction Machined from solid billet of 6061T6 aluminum stock
Laser power 40 mW
Live View Video camera High resolution monochrome
LED ring array

2,320 lumens

Fittings & retainers 300 series stainless steel
Windows Fused silica or optical glass
Mounting attachments Four grouped 1/4-20 UNC threaded mounting holes on four sides of case (Metric threads available)
Maximum Operating temperature 110° F (43.3° C ) in water - 100% duty cycle
Storage temperature 0° to 160° F (- 18° to 71° C)
Power input voltage to the Control Console   90VAC to 240VAC 50 to 60 Hz Scanner Powered by the Contol Console or Laptop with Power Supply Unit
MUX power 36VDC @ 4 AMps plus GigEthernet plus 1 RS232 Serial Line

Maximum scanner-to-target distance

36.0 in. (900mm)

Minimum scanner-to-target distance

6.0 in. (150mm)

Maximum Resolution accuracy
(after processing with 3D software)

+/-0.0004 in. (0.01mm)
Scan range 6.0 in. (150 mm) to 36 in. (900 mm)
Watertight depth rating 320 ft. (100 m) (deeper depth-rated models available)
Power/Data Umbilical Cable Gel filled gel-filled with LLDPE polyurethane jacket and a rated yield point of 80 lb/ft (11 Kg/M) - 150 ft. (45,7 m) standard (other lengths available)


System Performance*
System Performance
Depth of Field Distance
(Distance to object)
Field of View
Height ----- Width
Raw Accuracy
(single Point Cloud point, rms)
Approximate CAD Model Accuracy**
6 in. (150 mm)
150 mm 190 mm
+/-.002 in. (0.05 mm)
+/-.0004 in. (0.01 mm)
12 in. (300 mm)
250 mm 330 mm
+/-.004 in. (0.10 mm)
+/-.0008 in. (0.02 mm)
18 in. (450 mm)
350 mm 470 mm
+/-.008 in. (0.20 mm)
+/-.0012 in. (0.04 mm)
24 in. (600 mm)
450 mm 600 mm
+/-.014 in. (0.35 mm)
+/-.0025 in. (0.06 mm)
36 in. (900 mm)
650 mm 880 mm
+/-.028 in. (0.70 mm)
+/-.0060 in. (0.15 mm)
**After 3rd-party 3D software processing

*All M210UW accuracy is related to the field of view, distance from the object to be measured and can vary by the parameters of the object. Accuracy when used with a Fixed Laser line and an IMU for position data depends on IMU update rate and speed of travel. Consult Newton for the specific accuracy that can be obtained for your proposed object.