M210UW Underwater Laser Scanner Captures Measurements with Sub-Millimeter Precision

Dual Usage Scanner: Both Cable to the surface and ROV/AUV mounted with MUX power and communication

  • High Resolution Metrology: Underwater Scanner with Internal Scanning to provide Sub-Millimeter Accuracy
  • Large Area Coverage: Fixed Laser Line combined with IMU Data for ROV/AUV Usage

100 Meter Depth Rated

The M210UW underwater laser scanner, developed and manufactured by Newton Labs, captures submerged measurements with sub-millimeter precision, as well as being able to quantify rust, wear, fissures and corrosion.

The M210UW scanner combines rugged, industrial-grade hardware and electronic components with sophisticated, Newton-developed algorithms that make underwater scanning possible by compensating for the challenges of refraction, turbulence and suspended particulates found in the aquatic environment.

The scanner head houses a laser, a high-resolution video camera and a high-intensity LED ring array and is supplied in an airline-transportable luggage case. The output of the M210UW, by way of the control console, is a point cloud so detailed, that when utilized with industry standard three-dimensional software*, a fully measurable CAD model can be generated.

M210UW Scanner

The M210UW is designed for very high-detailed underwater inspection and measurements.

  • It has an effective scanning distance of between 6 in. (150mm) and out to a distance of 3 ft. (0.9m) for a scan coverage area of 2.1 ft. x 2.9 ft. (64 cm x 88 cm)
  • The small housing of the M210UW, at 4"x 4.6"x 9," means that it can be maneuvered close to target areas that may be located in harder-to-reach spaces
  • See a specifications sheet HERE.

* 3-D Software not included

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Newton Labs M210UW underwater laser scanner
M210UW Underwater Laser Scanner
Newton Labs Scanner control console
Newton Labs Scanner Control Console or Laptop with Power Supply Unit
Newton Labs 150 foot cable for the underwater laser scanner
The underwater power/data umbilical cable connecting the scanner to the control console is gel-filled with a LLDPE polyurethane jacket and a rated yield point of 80 lb/ft (11 Kg/M).
Newton Labs