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The split-chassis design enables Inspector robots to maintain constant all-wheel contact and sensor positioning.
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The arm-mounted equipment plate fitted with eddy current and phased array UT units is shown here in an underwater calibration test tank.
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This CAD illustration of the underside shows the enclosed port (center) for the downward-looking laser scanner and video camera.
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Inspector: A Versatile Sensor Platform

Precisely inspects the integrity of tank floors.

robot sensor arm
An indexed sensor arm with an ultrasonic probe unit is shown here attached to the port side of the robot, one of three possible mounting positions. Front-mounted arms enable sensors to be maneuvered into the corners of quadrilateral tanks.

IInspector robots are designed to accommodate several mounting options for non-destructive evaluation (NDE) equipment, enabling them to map and inspect over 90% of a tank floor, including inspecting within very close proximity of the tank wall edge.

The sensor mounting options include:

  • Indexable, twin-arm sensor mounting module
  • Front-end mounting bar with multi-functional holes extending port and starboard to allow for mounting of optional tank bottom sweepers or other devices
  • Low-slung, arm-mounted equipment plate on starboard side
  • Top deck can accommodate additional sensor mounting
  • Additional options include tank bottom cleaner, specialized sensors, environmental mapping and robotic arms

A standard sensor compliment consists of phased array UT and/or eddy current systems, as well as the on-board fore and aft, side-to-side and down-looking video inspection, in addition to down-looking underwater laser scanning.


Newton Labs
Newton Labs

AREVA and Newton Labs partner to meet the Nuclear Energy Institute requirements for the inspection of nuclear plant water storage tanks in accordance with NEI 09-14.

AREVA is an industry leader in providing fully automated phased array ultrasonic systems and equipment to perform in-service and/or pre-service examinations.

Inspector robots offer plant operators the most advanced nondestructive evaluation (NDE) tank inspection services currently available in the nuclear industry. The selection of inspection services include:

  • Examination of water-filled or dry tanks
  • Repair of water-filled or dry tanks
  • Underwater laser scanning and 3D modeling
  • Phased array UT and eddy current NDE surveys
  • Real-time video inspection
  • Weld inspection and mapping
  • Tank cleaning
  • Weld inspection vacuum box