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Date: January 17, 2018


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Newton and iXBlue Demonstrate System Integration
iXBlue, one of the leading suppliers of IMU systems to the world and Newton Labs, the world’s largest and oldest manufacturer of underwater laser scanners announced today demonstrations and tests of advanced integration technology between their systems to supply the highest possible resolution of laser scanning coupled with an IMU in ROV/AUV service. Performed at Newton’s facility in Seattle, the combination of the two advanced systems and coupled with the advanced integration technology developed between the two companies; this test demonstrates the highest possible resolution in subsea laser scans.
Pipe scan with Newton M3200UW using iXBlue Phins IMU
The two companies first demonstrated the ability of the combination to operate in conjunction with industry standard navigation software. They then also proved the ability of the Newton scanners to work with the full data set from the iXBlue Phins IMU to adjust the Newton laser scans for heading, pitch and roll independent of any other software.

Newton Labs broad line of underwater laser scanners with most of the models operating both as fully internal scanners and also as fixed line scanners with IMU support brings to the subsea industry products that allow for the successful conclusion of virtually any laser scanning project. Whether it is full field scanning, pipe line scanning or high resolution corrosion and crack detection Newton’s underwater scanners have features to bring the highest resolution possible to the work. With depths to 4000 meters and resolutions to 0.1 mm, one of Newton’s underwater laser scanners can provide the data when converted to CAD models to satisfy most requirements.

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About iXblue
iXBlue is a leading global provider of innovative solutions and services for navigation, positioning, and imaging. Civil and defense customers rely on our systems, operations, and services for the challenges they face at sea, on land, in the air or in space. iXBlue’s offerings encompass inertial navigation systems, photonic components and modules, acoustic positioning and sonar solutions, imaging systems, motion simulators, and stabilized platforms.r systems, operations, and services for the challenges they face at sea, on land, in the air or in space.

About Newton Labs
Seattle based Newton Labs is a privately held manufacturer of machine vision, laser scanning, robotics, and optical automation. Newton is the original developer of commercially available underwater laser scanners and is the world’s largest producer of underwater laser scanners. Over its more than 20 year history Newton Labs has deployed more than 30,000 machine vision, laser scanning, robotic, and automation systems worldwide.